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Reason to Be Quextr Ready

Quextr - BYOD Solution
We are living in an age of mobile technology and our learners are getting increasingly tech-savvy. In recent years, our learning space and infrastructure is accelerating towards the implementation of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD). BYOD is an approach in which students and educators bring their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices into the learning environment.

Quextr is a BYOD solution to provide the best learner-centric teaching solution to educators and trainers.

Easily Switch your Mobile to BYOD for Teaching

BYOD READY and Gamification technology
With Quextr mobile app, you can transform your mobile into seamless BYOD for teaching with state-of-art gamification technology which further enhance learners' engagement and promote desired learning behaviours.

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Answers to commonly asked questions

Q> Is it free to install Quextr?
A> Yes. It's free forever.
Q> Is it available in Andriod or iPhone?
A> Available in both Andriod and iPhone.
Q> How it helps in teaching and learning?
A> Quextr has built-in gamification features where trainers and educators can gamify teaching to motivate and engage learning. Quextr is specially designed to cultivate learners to have ownership in their learning. Furthermore, it boosts collaborative and collective learning.